5 Interesting Movie Trailers I Saw Recently

Whenever I turn on my TV, cross a street with a huge flat-screen billboard nearby, or browse on the internet, my eyes are drawn into the new movie trailers coming up soon at the theaters. So, lately I have been watching a couple of trailers that really interest me. What are they and why are they interesting?

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

When I first saw this trailer last week, I was amused by one of its scenes where the protagonist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) was shown to go downstairs through his strange suitcase. The background music and the colors that magically pop up on the trailer make this trailer even more intriguing. Not to mention that this movie is another production from the hands of the Harry Potter movie series maker alumni. J.K. Rowling is known to favor Newt Scamander and it gives us enough reason to anticipate this upcoming movie in November.

2. Inferno

I love Istanbul and when I saw this trailer beautifully captured Hagia Sophia, my interest was instantly drawn to watch further. And Inferno has Tom Hanks staring as the main character Robert Langdon. Post-Sully effect still remains within my brain, so it feels like I have to watch this movie. As in the other Dan Brown novels, Langdon has to unlock a mystery (together with a beautiful woman of course) to save the day. And this time they are tracking for clues from the famous poet Dante in Venice, Istanbul, and Florence.

3. Sausage Party

Okay, I saw this trailer around 2 months ago and it has been playing at the cinemas all around the world recently. But I can’t help watching it over and over again because it’s so hilarious. I still wish to watch this movie at the cinema, maybe next time I’m flying to the states or somewhere. Ever since I was a kid I always imagine how it feels like to be a food. Processed foods are not living things I know, but talk about potatoes, tomatoes, all the other vegetables that we label as plants, hence living things, how are they feeling when they know they’re about to be cooked and consumed by us human beings? Well, this animation portrays it in a way that answers my curiosity. With laughters too of course because Seth Rogen and his squads are behind the making of this movie. So eager to watch this!

4. The Space Between Us

How does it feel like having a friend you met online from Mars? Sounds pretty awesome. Except when he decides to come to the Earth to know you better in person. Whoaa! That’s what this movie is going to show us. When I saw this trailer, I felt like this is just another teenage fantasy movie. But hey, it seems to have an interesting plot and the fresh faces staring at this movie is a good value. Makes me want to mark calendar in December and watch this movie.

5. Jackie

There are a lot of Hollywood movies portraying the US presidents in many angles and genres, but not with the first ladies. So when finally they made a movie about Jackie Kennedy, I was anticipating how it would be. And then I saw this trailer. To be honest, I could hardly hear what Portman saying in this trailer. But well, she’s putting her shoes to fit the characterization of the then first lady who was known for her fashion sense. The trailer looks promising, hopefully the script strongly draws the attention of the moviegoers just like how Jackie did to the public eye whenever she was around.

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