Bad Moms (2016): When Good Moms Gone Crazy


BAD MOMS (2016)
Starring by: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell,
Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith
Directed by: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Duration: 100 minutes
Release date: 29 July 2016

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Who says that women are always right? That might be the case if they are still single and ruling the world. Or if they’re in relationship with “yes, ma’am” boyfriends. But when women become mothers, they always seem to be wrong. At least that’s what depicted in Bad Moms.

It’s not easy to become a mother. The society judges them for whatever mishaps they display. Their circle of friendships disappear like an unfortunate traveler’s feet in a quicksand. Their family members, instead of being thankful for all their efforts to keep the house warm and comfortable, are taking them for granted.

That’s what Ami Mitchell is feeling. No matter what she does, she never seems to be good enough, both as a mother and as a wife. Now she and the other two stressed-out mothers, Kiki and Carla who also have their own issues, stop being the good mothers that the society expects them to be. They are now officially Bad Moms!

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To be honest, I don’t see how Mila Kunis can be a boring mom to her kids and doesn’t look sexually attractive in front of her husband in this movie. I mean that woman has quite a figure and she has one pair of the most beautiful eyes in the world. I mean, who is casting her for this role? The script is okay but she doesn’t fit the look of a good-boring-clueless mother who will soon transform the other way around.

Apart from that, her acting skills fit the basic requirement. Although I must admit that she has far better chemistry with the other moms than with her scripted family. Interaction with her childish husband is not expected to be good because they are not going in the same direction. But she doesn’t seem to have a good bond either with her children in the frames.



I enjoy watching her the most when she is fighting with a bully mom named Gwendolyn and when she is hanging out with the other moms at the PTA president campaign night. Much more entertaining, especially with those “bad / crazy mom” songs playing in the background. From Icona Pop’s “I Love It” to DNCE’s “Cake by The Ocean”. Think I’m going to write more on the soudtrack list for this movie in a separate post later.

“Bad Moms” is a light modern flick for young urban mothers, struggling to meet the social acceptance of what a good mother and wife should be. It is not necessarily a family movie because of some scenes that are not appropriate enough to be watched with kids or your spouse. In fact, ladies, if you watch this with your husband he might be thinking that you’re a desperate housewife when you nod your head and loudly agree with the so many relatable things on screen. Okay, that was kind of exaggerating. He might think so, he might not, depending on what kind of partner you have though, hahaha~


This movie is good for your Friday night along with your girlfriends (mothers or mothers to be). Enjoy it with abundant piles of comfortable pillows, a lot of evilicious snacks and a big box of pizza. And a few light drinks or a bit heavy ones. I guess that’s how bad moms should spend a quality lazy night with her friends, right? 🙂

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