Sausage Party (2016): A Frank Journey to The Truth



Starring by: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig,
Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Edward Norton,
James Franco, Salma Hayek
Directed by: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan
Duration: 88 minutes
Release date: August 12, 2016

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What would it be when a bunch of sausages, buns, and other food items placed innocently in a supermarket could talk and walk? Scary and funny as hell! And that’s what you will see on Sausage Party. Not exactly a party though, it’s more like a war between the food stocks and the Gods (how they call the humans shopping at the grocery store).

Frank the brave sausage was trying to save the weird Honey Mustard from a suicide attempt. He could not save the poor guy, but his last words were echoing in his mind. There is no Great Beyond (their version of Heaven) and there are no loving Gods taking care of them there. It’s all a lie, Honey Mustard said. Of course no food believes him. They were just so excited and happy to be chosen by the Gods, who they believe will bring them to eternal paradise. Along with some other food items who were thrown out of the shopping cart, Frank is determined to uncover the mystery of the Great Beyond.

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Let me start this review by a warning that this animation movie is NOT for underaged kids. Parents, do notice that the content of this movie is very vulgar and you might even find the jokes offensive! So not only this movie is NOT suitable for kids, it’s also NOT suitable for those who can’t take tough jokes. To measure whether or not your sense of humor will be in line with this movie, just think of the movie Ted. If you were amused watching that, you would find Sausage Party entertaining.

Frank’s adventure of finding out the truth about Great Beyond is pretty much like a basic human instinct of questioning his existence and whether or not heaven and hell are real. All the religions in the world teach about love and kindness but why are there hatred and suspicion among us? This is depicted in the on and off relationship slash awkward friendship developed between Kareem the Middle Eastern lavash and Sammy Bagel Jr., a Jewish bagel. It was very interesting to see how real the two food items coming from different backgrounds when I watched them coming back to their food shelves, with their relatives booing the other party and asking whether or not they were hurt by their social opponent.




We as human beings tend to forget that we are part of this world and we were not created to live for ourselves or our kind only. No matter what our religion is, when we are in the position of knowing something that could harm others and we could do something to prevent it from happening, that’s when we actually do something good. Another thing that was boldly highlighted by this animation was that love is for everyone, regardless of the gender, religion or cultural backgrounds. Love is the only thing that is universal and that is supposed to be the religion for all.

And what better way to deliver this message than through animation movie with non-human beings as the characters? I like how Seth Rogen chose a sausage as the main protagonist and ambiguously named him Frank. Frank means sausage. It also defines these words, “honest, sincere and telling the truth”, which were exactly what he was being and doing in the quest for the truth about Great Beyond.






Seth Rogen is indeed a very intelligent guy who is great at what he is doing; comedy. I laughed a lot watching Sausage Party, but at certain scenes it got me thinking about some fundamental things in my life. You need a very wide open mind to watch this animation and learn about what it is trying to say.

Although red band words and sexually explicit scenes are spread like nutella on a bread slice, this is a worth-watching movie. Be amused and laugh out loud when you think it’s funny. If it makes you feel more comfortable, enjoy Sausage Party by yourself. If you decide to watch it with friends, make sure they’re not overly sensitive or intolerant on different views of religions and sex issues.


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