Going In Style (2017): Three Old Men Robbing The Viewers’ Hearts

Going In Style (2017)
Casts: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin
Directed by: Zach Braff
Duration: 96 minutes
Based on: Going In Style (1979) by Martin Brest

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What do Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin have in common? Yes, they are old. And another thing in common is, they are going to rob a bank in their new remake movie entitled Going In Style!

The company where the three old men spent most of their lifetime to work at decided to cease operations in America and move the whole manufacturing to Vietnam. Since they no longer operate in the states, that makes them free from obligations like paying pension funds to the workers.

Everybody needs money for their own reasons; some to have a roof over their heads and some to literally stay alive. Things get personal and robbing a bank seems to be the only way out. Will they make it or will they get caught?

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I always like watching movies where Freeman is one of the leading actors. There is something about his acting that get me thinking, this guy could take any roles that he is offered and will nail it. He can be a very serious person or a charming wise man. And the best thing is, he can be funny, too! In this movie, Freeman along with Caine and Arkin prove us that he can be funny without even trying hard.

The script was well-written and I think the chemistry between those gentlemen was strongly built. That’s why throughout the movie, I feel that their friendship is real and convincing. There are many hilarious scenes, but my favorite was when Caine drove Freeman in a shopping cart for the elderly, with the latter being in the basket. Where else can you see mischievous old men crossing the road with a shopping cart, trying to escape from their failed attempt to steal groceries? Let alone robbing a bank, hahahaha~

Joe: Willie, jump in the basket!

Willie: Who the hell you think I am? E.T?

* HAHAHAHAHA! This is my favorite scene!*

Set apart the goal of robbing a bank to get their pension funds, then you will extract the beauty of this movie. It’s about being with your best friends and loved ones; in happiness and sadness, and in health and sickness. Everybody just wants to live happily without worrying about tomorrow. And no matter what happens, always have your pie, ‘cause life is short!

Every second of this movie was really enjoyable that I didn’t realize when it came to the end. To some people, this movie is very light and very safely written and played by the actors. To me, this is the kind of movie that everyone needs to watch when they want to have a good laugh with friends and loved ones.

Freeman, Caine and Arkin not only did rob a bank but they did rob the viewers’ hearts with their warm smile, great acting and funny sarcastic remarks. You will find Going In Style amusing and at the same time reminding you to be grateful of what you have in life. Family, friends, food, health, and a house that you get to live in. Never take them for granted and cherish them for they are yours.

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